Stage1: Objective Setting and Business Model study:

Under this step we set the objectives of the campaign in close consultation with the Client and get an in-depth understanding of your business model and business requirements.


  • List of objectives (Word Doc)
  • Detailed Questionnaire (Word Doc)

����� Once the Objectives setting and Business Model study have been done, combination of the following PPC services is utilized.

PPC Service 1- PPC Keyword Research:

Based on your answers, objectives and our CPP report, we'll be short-listing a list of around 50-200 keywords. The initial research churns out hundreds of keywords and we systematically drill down to the most efficient keywords after deleting the ones, which are not relevant or cost effective for your PPC Campaign.


  • Detailed keyword research (.xls)

PPC Service 2 - Visitor Conversion Analysis:

Based on the Objectives of the Campaign, finalized keywords and the CPP� we would be studying the suitability of your site's current WebPages to be the landing pages for the campaign or/and suggest creation of customized landing pages. In PPC, landing pages are important as they are the entry points to your website and determine the conversion of a Visitor.


  • Visitor Conversion Analysis Report (.doc)

PPC Service 3 - Ad Copy Creation:

After studying the landing pages of your website we would create specific ads for the finalized keywords to ensure maximum visibility and Click through Rate (CTR). We would create a customized attractive ad copy, which increases the probability of a click from the search engine traffic.


  • Ad copy for all keywords for your approval (.doc)

PPC Service 4 - Campaign Setup:

We would be setting your site’s campaign in the following Search Engines: a. “Google Ad words” We can also set up campaigns on additional Search Engines such as Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Ad Center, and Business.com etc depending upon your requirements.


  • Google Ad words Campaign

PPC Service 5 - Campaign Management:

Campaign management would involve a host of different steps and analytical techniques like -CTR Management, Bid Management, A/B split testing, Campaign ROI analysis, Campaign Ads and keyword tweaking and Weekly Campaign Reporting.


  • Monthly report

PPC Retargeting

What we do?

Retargeting tracks where visitors go on your site, and monitors they buy something or just leave. For attracting visitors we can do just that by placing your banners on the next site, or sites, they visit later. We can even take it a step further by personalizing your banners based on search behavior.


Online marketing strategies have long focused on driving visitors to your site, which of-course is crucial, but now the focus is shifting towards getting them to come back, after they have left. If you are finally getting the traffic you have worked so hard to attract, but your visitors are not converting as hoped, then it's time to start retargeting them.

PPC Package for Google Ad words Steps covered:

  • Campaign Objective and Business model Understanding
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimum Bid Rate Analysis
  • Visitor Conversion Analysis
  • Custom Ad creation
  • Campaign Setup

Monthly Campaign Management (Optional Add-on Service) Step Covered

  • Campaign ROI analysis�
  • Campaign tracking and tweaking
  • Weekly reporting