Pharmacy Management System

This Application is mainly used for storing the complete information about the medicine in the medical shops. This is stand alone and Webbased application where the owner and the employee of the shop can keep the record of the incoming and the outgoing medicines. With the help of this application he will come to know about the availability of the medicine in the stock and when he wants to give the order for the medicine. In this, owner can update, delete, search for medicine, distributor and the report. Application also tells the owner and employee about the expiry date of the medicine. In this he can save lot of his valuable time.
Owner of the shop also keep the record of the distributor, who and what medicine he is bring from the factory. In this we also keep the record about Employee who is working in the shop about his salary and many more. And also from this application we can keep the record of daily, weekly and monthly profit.


It is the user friendly application for Pharma's which reduces the burden and helps to manage all sections of Pharmacy like Stock management and Billing etc., which improve the processing efficiency.It deals with the automating tasks of maintaining of Bills. In Pharma, Billing management is the key process.

Features :

  • In this, Owner has all the privilege for this application and the employee has the privilege to sales page. He only can generate bill, can check the stock availability, add medicine and search medicine.
  • In the Owner page, He can create account for his employee and can keep the record about the employee information like his personal details, salary details and attendance and many. He can update, delete the information about the employee.
  • Owner can keep the record about the distributor; can add delete update distributor and many more.
  • All the details of the medicine are stored in the database if when medicine date is expired a message is shown that the particular medicine is expired and from there owner can delete the medicine from the database. If in case the availability of the medicine is not there then also the message will come to the owner and employee that the medicine in the stock is less.
  • With the Invoice number the data can be stored when and what medicine is stored. Incase whenever he wants the medicine information he can fetch the data easily.
  • Bill is generated when the customer purchase the medicine.
  • Owner can check the report whenever he wants; daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Report is made for distributor, employee, purchase and sales of medicine, Customer wise Sales & Purchase, Employee wise sales & Purchase.
  • Help is there, whenever needed any one can go through the help page and work in the application according to his need.