Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System makes the hotel staffs easy and convenient way for search rooms and allocate to a guest .The Hotel Administrator has the authorization to create more profiles and customize each for different hotel staffs, Transportation, food services, laundry services ,Hall services, etc. A collection of extra charges or services or facilities wrapped together and Guset can change room. Admin can block the Rooms A hotel management software allows hotel staffs to maintain a hotel details like check-in, check-out details, reports facility to get the details of a guest including the billing section on the basis of a particular room number and staff Can receive the particular room as well as hall in advance by phone for particular date.

Features :

  • Admin can create, delete or update a rooms information like room type, room number, number of beds, room rate based upon room type etc,. It allows you to change Guest Room with any Vacant Room. display all the available/vacant rooms taking into consideration of arrival/departure date.
  • Hotel admin can add a new staff or delete/update a existing staff of a hotel. The administrator takes the details of the all employees, and he will provide user id n password for particular employees. Software offers you a valuable tool to browse or capture the employee Image.
  • Admin can set, update & delete food type and food Items, and admin can give the food rate based on food items.
  • Admin can add, update or delete the laundry services and price. Hotel provided the cleaning we can select this option if we want to check out any guest from the room.
  • Allows the desk clerk to capture the information and personal data pertaining to the guests such as stay duration, additional guest if any, personal information from guests profile, folio amount, payment, balance, discount, print folio, additional charges. And guest can book/cancel the room by advance on particular date.
  • Allows the hotel desk clerk to generate the total bill basis of a particular Room number.
  • Allows the hotel front desk staff to generate the details on basis of the hotel guest requirement and also can take the print-out of the particular needs.
  • Admin can check the report whenever he wants daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • Reports are made for advance reservation, current reservation, Room information, Hall allocation and Creation, Guest information, Accounting Room wise, cancel Reservation, House keeping and Food Services.
  • User can check the report whenever he wants.
  • Help is there, whenever needed any one can go through the help page and work in the application according to his need.